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 2. Resource availability gives structure to a community

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PostSubject: 2. Resource availability gives structure to a community   03/03/09, 11:07 pm

• Competitive exclusion- when two species are competing for the same resources, one species will be better suited to the niche, and the other species will be pushed into another niche or become extinct
• Niche partitioning- a niche is divided based on competitive advantages (one squirrel eats nuts at the top of the tree, one squirrel eats nuts from the ground)
• Evolutionary response- experience divergent evolution
• Ecological equivalents- species that occupy similar niches but live in different geographical regions. EX- mantella frog lives in Madagascar and a poison dart frog lives in South America. Madagascar and South America are very similar ecosystems.
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2. Resource availability gives structure to a community
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