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 2. Air pollution is changing Earth’s biosphere

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PostSubject: 2. Air pollution is changing Earth’s biosphere   03/03/09, 10:53 pm

o The Earth’s atmosphere contains carbon dioxide, and the levels naturally rise and fall over time
o High carbon dioxide = warm / low carbon dioxide = cold
o Greenhouse effect- occurs when carbon dioxide, water and methane molecules absorb energy reradiated by Earth’s surface and slow the release of this energy from the Earth’s atmosphere
o Greenhouse gasses act as the “glass” or insulation for the Sun’s energy
o In the past 100 years, the average global temp has risen 1.2 degrees F.
o Global warming- the trend of increasing global temperatures
o This is caused by humans putting extra greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water, and methane) into the air
o Scientists don’t know how this will effect the global biosphere, but it has caused flooding, stronger tropical storms, and the loss of biodiversity
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2. Air pollution is changing Earth’s biosphere
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