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 DNA Microarray- Notes on Handout

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PostSubject: DNA Microarray- Notes on Handout   20/01/09, 08:49 pm

How does DNA microarray tech. work?
• Created by machines that arrange thousands of gene sequences on a single microscope slide
• Database of 40,000+ gene sequences
• Gene activated, cellular machinery copies certain segments
• Product= mRNA that is complimentary to original cell
1. collect mRNA
2. color healthy green and unhealthy red with fluorescent colors
3. put on microarray slide (the mRNA present in the cell will hybridize (bind) to its complementary DNA on the microarray, leaves fluorescent tags for a researcher to study)
• If the genes are very active, the fluorescent area is brighter, if the gene is expressed very little, the fluorescent area is dimmer, if it is black, it isn’t expressed
• Used to examine the activity of various genes at different times

What is DNA microarray technology?
• Genes differ from cell to cell
• Study genes- understand the cell’s function and when they’re not performing properly
• Before, we were only able to look at a few genes at once. Now, we can look at thousands

What is DNA microarray used for?
• Learn about diseases (heart disease, mental illness, and infectious diseases, etc)
• Research in cancer by the National Institutes of Health
• Before, cancer was classified by the organs it affected. Now, it is beginning to be classified by its pattern of gene activity
• Be able to design treatments
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DNA Microarray- Notes on Handout
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