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 Uses of Genetic Engineering

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PostSubject: Uses of Genetic Engineering   14/01/09, 10:37 pm

• Insulin from bacteria (huge quantities, fast and inexpensive)
• Interfering DNA is a double-stranded RNA (like viruses)- body has natural defenses against
• Can create double strand to turn off the DNA, which could cure Huntington’s, macular degeneration (being used now), hepatitis C, cancers, HIV….

• Gives the body a weak form of the virus, body learns to cure it, the body fights off future cases
• Looking to create vaccines in the normal products of animals (EX- vaccine in goat milk)

Gene Therapy
• Turn on genes, turn off genes to help the individual
• New successes
• If they know about a gene, they can try to move the genes to cure it
• Sickle-cell anemia can be stopped, because it doesn’t kick in until adulthood, and the genes that tell it to go on could be shut off

DNA fingerprinting
• Little diversity in genomes
• The polymorphic area is the small bit of unique genes

• 5-10 years, activists speak out
• Bad side- hybridization of genetically altered crops. Pesticide-resistant crops breed with a weed, you get a SUPER WEED!!!!

Human Genome Project
• 1990s – 2002, released 2003
• Until 2006, no legal genome protection (risks for healthcare and jobs)

HapMap Project
• Takes 10 normal genes and 10 cancerous genes and finds out what is wrong

1,000 Genome Project
• Map 1,000 Genomes to solidify results from the Human Genome Project
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Uses of Genetic Engineering
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