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 Distribution of Ethnicities

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PostSubject: Distribution of Ethnicities   14/01/09, 10:08 pm

Figures from book:

7:1- African-Americans in the US are clustered in rural south and northern cites
7:2- Hispanics are clustered in SW and in northern cites and Miami
7:3- Asian-Americans are clustered in California and Hawaii.
7:4- Native Americans are clustered in the plains, the SW, and Alaska
7:5- Chicago- African-American, Hispanic-Am, Asian-Am, European
7:6- Los Angles- Hispanic, White, African-Am, Asian
7:7- British triangular slave trade trading systems operated among Britain, Africa, the Caribbean, and N. America.
7:8- In the 20th century, African-Am migration within the US consisted of mainly of migration from the rural south to cities in NE, Midwest, and West.
7:9- African-Am in Baltimore
7:10- Black homelands in S. African- apartheid era, series of black “homeland” where they were forced to live.
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Distribution of Ethnicities
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