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 Ethinity vs. Race notes

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PostSubject: Ethinity vs. Race notes   14/01/09, 10:07 pm

Ethnicity vs. Race Notes

Ethnicity- Cultural group
Ex. Native Americans and Jews

Race- Skin color, tied to a place
Ex. African, Asian, and Hispanic
Cultural Identity: Race and Ethnicity

Culture Groups
-Few or many characteristics (language, religion, race, food, etc)

-Single species
-Secondary biological characteristics

Ethnic Groups
-Ethnocentrism- belief in the superiority of one’s own ethnic group
Ex. Hitler

-Does not exist on a scientific level, despite influence of the idea.
-Biological variation is real; the order we impose on this variation by using the concept of race is not. Race is a product of the human mind, not of nature.
-Based of a 3 category system developed in Europe in the 18th century: Caucasians, Mongolians, and Blacks
-The truth is that there is very little fundamental genetic variety between humans and NO WAY TO TELL WHERE ONE CATEGORY STOPS AND ANOTHER BEGINS. Race is literally skin deep. There has not been enough time for much genetic variation. We do not have distinct “races” or “subspecies”.

Race in the US.
-Genetic mixing is so common and complete that most geographers dismiss race as a category since it can not be clearly tied to place.

What is Ethnicity and how is it different from race?
-Identity with a group of people who share the cultural tradition of a particular homeland or hearth. Thus, customs, cultural characteristics, language, common history, and homeland, etc…
- A socially created system of rules about who belongs and who does not belong to a particular group based on actual or perceived commonality of origin, race, culture. This notion is clearly tied to place.

Nationalities and States
Nationality- legally is a term encompassing all the citizens of a state, but with most definitions refers to a groups of people who generally occupy a specific territory and bound together by a sense of unity arising from shared customs, beliefs, or legal status. Such unity rarely exists today within a state.
State- a politely organized territory that is administered by a sovereign government
Ex- The USA

-help create a national unity
-can be very dangerous (ex- Hitler, Russia going back to communism, terrorists)
-Can breed intolerance of difference and others (ex. airport profiling- after 9/11, target Muslims)

Discussion Questions

1.How is the process of globalization, both economic and culture, changing perceptions of race?
2.Are we headed towards one world culture and one world ethnicity? Can you give examples to make your argument?
3. Is ethnic identity decreasing in the US in the face of globalization of the Media and cultures? Is the situation different in other parts of the world?
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Ethinity vs. Race notes
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