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 1. A DNA Fingerprint is a type of restriction enzyme

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PostSubject: 1. A DNA Fingerprint is a type of restriction enzyme   14/01/09, 10:00 pm

DNA fingerprint- a representation of parts of an individual’s DNA that can be used to identify a person at the molecular level

-Your genes are completely unique
-DNA fingerprinting is a scientific type of restriction map (DNA is cut with a restriction enzyme, fragments run through gel, gel in analyzed)
-Families have similar DNA fingerprints
-The greatest difference in DNA among people are found in regions of the genome that are not parts of genes
-DNA fingerprinting focuses on noncoding regions of DNA, or DNA sequences outside genes
-noncoding DNA sequences often include stretches of nucleotides that repeat (different amounts for every person)
-to get to the specific regions of DNA that can be identified through DNA fingerprinting, the DNA is cut in known locations with restriction enzymes
-The difference in the number of repeats are found by separating the DNA fragments with gel electrophoresis.
-When there are more repeats, the DNA fragment is larger
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1. A DNA Fingerprint is a type of restriction enzyme
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