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 2. DNA Fingerprinting is used for identification

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PostSubject: 2. DNA Fingerprinting is used for identification   14/01/09, 09:59 pm

-widely used since the 1990s, because it is different for everyone, so it’s practically faultless

DNA Fingerprints and Probability
-DNA fingerprinting depends on probability
-Suppose that 1 in every 500 people has three copies of the repeat at location A. This means there is a one-in-five hundred chance in having a DNA fingerprint match for that region in the chromosome
-Number of repeats cannot be used- too many matches
-However, when more locations are added, the chance of a match goes down
EX- 1 in 90 has six copies at location B
1 in 120 has ten copies that repeat at location C
1/500 x 1/90 x 1/120 = 1/5,400,000 = 1 chance in 5.4 million people
-usually compares 5 regions

Uses of DNA fingerprinting-legal cases
-PCR can be used to make more for analysis
-The Innocence Project at Benjamin Cardozo Law School in NYC used DNA evidence to help free more than 170 wrongly convicted people
-Its harder to prove someone guilty than it is to prove one innocent because it can be contaminated
-Investigations must also think “What is the chance that another person has the same DNA fingerprint?” and “What probability is low enough to be accepted?” There are no legal standards
-Also used to prove family relationships (parenity and kinship needed for immigration requests.
-Not limited to humans
-used to study biodiversity and to locate genetically engineered crops
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2. DNA Fingerprinting is used for identification
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