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 Assesment Questions

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PostSubject: Assesment Questions   06/01/09, 09:27 pm

(Highlight space under question for answer)

1.List four different ways in which scientists can manipulate DNA. Notes
- Chemical mutagens are used to change DNA sequences
- Computers analyze and organize the vast amounts of data from genetic research
- Enzymes, often from bacteria, are used to cut and copy DNA
- Bacteria also provide one of the ways in which genes are transferred between different organisms

2.What determines how DNA will be cut by a restriction enzyme?Notes
The enzymes cut where they find specific nucleotide sequences.

3.How does gel electrophoresis separate DNA fragments from each other? Notes

•Gel Electrophoresis- DNA is loaded into gel (like hard gelatin) with a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other end. DNA has a negative charge, so the fragments move to the positive electrode.

•Gel has tiny pores to allow small molecules to travel fast through the gel. However, the big pieces will move slowly.

•Length of the DNA fragment is estimated by distance traveled through the gel in a certain period of time

4.Suppose you cut DNA. You know that you should find four DNA fragments on a gel, but only three appear, and one fragment is very large. Explain what happened. Notes
The gene mutated, creating a different pattern of bands.

5.What is the relationship between sites and a restriction map? SiteRestriction Map
The sites that the enzyme cuts will effect how the restriction map looks.
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Assesment Questions
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