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 I can...Plants

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PostSubject: I can...Plants   21/04/09, 01:28 pm

1. Describe characteristics of plants from each plant division

2. Explain why plants are successful on land

3. Identify parts of: flowers, fruit, plant, and leaves

4. Explain the life cycles for moss, fens, angiosperms, and gymnosperms

5. Compare and contrast:
Vascular and nonvascular
Seedless and seed plants
Monocots and dicots

6. Explain transpiration, translocation, and the function of xylem/phloem

7. Describe the three types of plant tissues

8. Explain how humans rely on plants

9. Describe ways plants limit water loss

10. Define tropism- describe types

11. Name and describe the function of key plant hormones

12. Relate the structures of plants to the photosynthetic process

13. Describe plant responses and movements
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I can...Plants
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