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 1. Plant tissues are made of three basic cell types

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PostSubject: 1. Plant tissues are made of three basic cell types   19/04/09, 10:49 am

-Plant cells have cell walls , plastids, and a large vacuole, all features animal cells don’t have

Parenchyma Cells
- Parenchyma cell- most common type of plant cell- stores starch, oils, and water for the plant
- Have thin cell walls and a large water vacuole in the middle
- Contain chloroplasts that house photosynthesis
- Divide their entire lives, so they are used in healing

Collenchyma Cells
- Collenchyma cell- a cell with walls that range from thin to thick, providing support while still allowing the plant to grow
- Don’t contain lignin, so they are stretchy and can change size
- Common in younger tissues of leaves and shoots
- Often form into strands (ex. Celery)

- Sclerenchyma- strongest of basic plant cell types
- Alls hardened by lignin
- Die when they reach maturity
- Form fruit pits and the hard outer shells of nuts
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1. Plant tissues are made of three basic cell types
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