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 2. Plant organs are made of three tissue systems

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PostSubject: 2. Plant organs are made of three tissue systems   19/04/09, 10:48 am

-Plasmodesmata connect neighboring cells. They are strands of cytoplasm that pass through openings on cell walls and connect living cells
-through plasmodesmata, cells share water, nutrients, and chemical signals

Dermal Tissue System
-dermal tissue- covers the outside of a plant and protects it in a variety of ways
-live in parenchyma cells, nonwoody plants
-may secrete a wax-coated substance that makes the cuticle
-dermal tissue made of dead parenchyma cells makes up the outer bark of woody plants

Ground Tissue System
-ground tissue- tissue that makes up the majority of a plant
-provides support and stores materials in roots and stems
-in leaves, ground tissue is packed with chloroplasts
-uses all three of the simple tissues, parenchyma is most common

Vascular Tissue System
-vascular tissue- transports water, mineral nutrients, and organic compounds to all parts of the plant
Made of…
-Xylem- vascular tissue that carries water and dissolved mineral nutrients up from the roots to the rest of the plant

-Phloem- is the vascular tissue that carries the products of photosynthesis throughout the plant
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2. Plant organs are made of three tissue systems
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