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 3. Plant compounds are essential to modern medicine

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PostSubject: 3. Plant compounds are essential to modern medicine   19/04/09, 10:34 am

-pharmacology is the study of drugs and their effects on the body
-drugs come from plants
-traditional uses haven't changed. EX- Egyptian first discovered the uses of Aloe Vera that we still use today
-scientists are finding new uses for old plant medicines EX Native Americans used Pacific Yew, now it is used against cancer
- salicin comes from willow trees and is used in aspirin
- alkaloids- potent plant chemicals that contain nitrogen
-interfering with cell division can cause alkaloids to have anti-cancer properties
-chemists try to develop synthetic drugs based on the structure of these natural compounds and change them slightly to increase effectiveness and reduce side effects
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3. Plant compounds are essential to modern medicine
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