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 Plant-Like Protists and the Misfit

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PostSubject: Plant-Like Protists and the Misfit   25/03/09, 10:19 pm

PhylumHabitat Metabolism Reproduction Special Structures/Characteristics Examples
Chlorophyta Water or land, mostly in water, shallow water, photic zonePhotosynthesis- chlorophyll a and b Alteration of generation do not have roots, stems, or leaves Green algae
Phaeophyta Marine; cold, deeper water, rocky Photosynthetic- chlorophyll cAlteration of generation - can grow 100m high
- fucozanthin pigment allows photosynthesis in deep waters
Brown algae, giant kelp
Rhodophyta Deep depths, tropical waters, rocky/ coasts, cooler watersPhotosynthesis with long wave lenghts Alteration of generation Phycobilin pigments Red algae, used in food products, preservatives, agar, makeup
Bacillariophyta Freshwater, marine-autotrophs
-release oxygen in photosynthesis
Asexual in good conditions, sexual in stressful conditions where genetic diversity is needed -delicately patterned glasslike shells
-can be preserved into fossils
-used in products
Dinoflagella 90% are marine plankton,
Strictly marine
Half photosynthesize. Can become heterotrophic in lack of sunlight Asexual in good conditions, sexual in stressful conditions where genetic diversity is needed-two flagella, one wraps around body
-some are bioluminescent
- some have protective covering
- unicellular

Phylum HabitatMetabolism Reproduction Special Structures/ Characteristics Examples
Euglenophyta Any water photosynthesis asexual asexual euglena
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Plant-Like Protists and the Misfit
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