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 The Green Revolution

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PostSubject: The Green Revolution   12/03/09, 09:54 pm

o In the 1960s, 70s, and 80s
o Helped LDCs make more cereal grain
o Large short term grains allow food to grow more than the population

History of the Green Revolution
o 1943s- Rockerfeller Foundation
o 1960s-Hybrid strains- rice, wheat, corn show great success in SE Asia and Latin America
o 1970s- Head of Mexican corn program, Borlaug wines Nobel Peace Prize
o 1990s-Growth in food supply continues, but slows to below the rate of the population growth, as the results of unsustainable farming practices to take effect
o From 1950-1996, world grain production increased from 600 million tons to 2 billion tons.
o From 1950-1996, harvested area dropped from 700 mil to 600 mil.
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The Green Revolution
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