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 Agriculture Origins and History

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PostSubject: Agriculture Origins and History   12/03/09, 09:30 pm

Hunters and gatherers
o Native Americans

Neolithic revolution
o domestication of plants and animals (cultivation)
o diffusion of agriculture
o Permanent settlements
o Adaptations

Agricultural Industrialization
o Eli Whitney and the cotton gin
o John Deere

Green Revolution
o Hybrids, scientific application of fertilizer, pesticide, and water

Modern Agribusiness
o Fruit stands, Atlanta Dairy

Genetic Engineering of crops

Neolithic Revolution

Primary Effects-
o Urbanization
o Social stratification
o Occupational specialization
o Increased population densities
Secondary Effects-
o Endemic Diseases (recent peanut issue, small pox from cows)
o Famine (Monsoons don’t come to India, weather changes)
o Expansion (Cities take up all farming land)

Origins- Cultural Hearths
North America- Cranberries and tobacco
Mezzo-America- Chili pepper and dog
Andean Uplands- Guinea pig and pumpkin
E. Brazil- Peanuts and beans
W. Africa- pig and rice
E. Africa- okra and coffee
Mediterranean- goat and olives
SW Asia- Barley and grapes
North Central China- Cabbage and Peaches
S and SE Asia- Rice and Bananas

North America- meats, potatoes, sugar
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Agriculture Origins and History
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