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 Ch. 10 Maps

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PostSubject: Ch. 10 Maps   12/03/09, 09:29 pm

Vegetative Planting Hearths
o Western South America (Peru, Chile)
o Western Africa
o SE Asia

Seed Agriculture Hearths
o Mexico
o Ethiopia
o Peru
o Pakistan (Indus Valley)
o Eastern China

Labor Force in Agriculture
o Large percent in LDCs (Asia, Africa, and the eastern hemisphere
o Low percent in MDCs (Western Hemisphere, N. America, Europe)

Tractors per Population
o Extensive in MDCs

Farmland loss is caused by urban growth
Ex- Maryland

World Agricultural Regions
o Agriculture patterns are reflected by latitude
World Climate Regions
o Highlands- Pastoral nomadism
o Rainforest- shifting cultivation

World Rice Production
o Asian farmers grow 90% of world’s rice
o India and China make up half the world’s rice production

Corn (Maize) Production
o US, China
o Some in Brazil

World Milk Production
o Milk reflects wealth, culture, and environment
o MDCs, US, Europe, Russia, China, Brazil, Australia
o High milk levels in India- Hinduism

Dairy in the US
o Wisconsin and California
o Milk has to be made all around the country, 600 mile milkshed, perishable
o Cheese, not perishable, from all over world, farms don’t need to be spread out, concentrated in the north

World Wheat
o Northern Hem is high
o China is leading
o US + Canada = ½ the world’s exports

Chisholm Trail
o Main cattle drive in the late 1800s
o Ran from Texas to Kansas
o To take the cows to railroads

Meat Production on Ranches
o Western Hemisphere- Cattle
o Africa- sheep, goat, cattle
o Europe- cattle and sheep
o Middle east- sheep
o Asia- goat and cattle
o Sheep and goats can handle really hot or cold temperatures, cattle need moderate climates

Von Thünen Model
o City, horticulture and dairy, forestry, crop rotation
o Can circle around a city or create lines on the banks of a river or other central point

o Caused by overgrazing
o Sahel- cut down trees, animals overgrazed
o Australia
o Western US

Grain Imports and Exports
o US largest exporter
o Africa, Japan, Middle East, Brazil largest importers

o Desertification- drought, food shortages
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Ch. 10 Maps
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