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 Main Idea- Dihybrid cross involves two traits

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PostSubject: Main Idea- Dihybrid cross involves two traits   06/12/08, 07:08 pm

dihybrid crosses- crosses that examine the inheritance of two different traits

law of independent assortment- states that allele pairs seperate independently of each other during gamete formation, or meiosis.
- Mendel started his experiments with purebred plants. In this case, yellow round peas.

- Generation F1 would all be heterozygous and look all the same. (all be yellow round peas)

-When F1 was allowed to self pollinate, he got these results from the F2 generation- 9 yellow/round, 3 yellow/wrinkled, 3 green/round, 1 green/wrinkled.

- Mendel always found a 9:3:3:1 ratio in the F2 generation, and he realized that the presence of one trait did not effect the presence of another triat. This led him to create his second law, the law of independent assortment.

Making a Dihybrid Cross

Y= Yellow
y= Green

R= Round
r= Wrinkled

Parents- YyRr x YyRr

YRYr yR yr
Yr YYRr YYrr YyRr Yyrr
yR YyRRYyRr yyRR yyRR
yrYyRr YyrryyRr yyrr
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Main Idea- Dihybrid cross involves two traits
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