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 I Can...

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PostSubject: I Can...   12/03/09, 07:33 pm

• Define Key Terms ch. 18

• Describe the Classifying Bacteria

• Name and describe the types of archaebacteria

• Describe/recognize/ be able to illustrate the typical shapes and arrangements of bacteria

• Describe characteristics of each type of eubacteria

• Explain the stucture of a typical bacterium

• Link endospere formation to the dangers of bacteria

• Explain how bacteria reproduce and exchange genetic information

• Describe how anitibiotics work and why they are used

• Explain how viruses are grouped describe structure of viruses

• Be able to illustrate and explain the lytic and lysogenic cycles

• Know how the various types of viruses affect cells and why vaccines are used

• Explain positive uses for bacteria and viruses

*study charts, notes, read chapter

Bacteria (Prokaryotes) Vs. Eukaryotes
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I Can...
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