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 1. The ocean can be divided into zones

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PostSubject: 1. The ocean can be divided into zones   04/03/09, 10:22 pm

o Intertidal zone- the strip of land between the high and low tide lines (beach. Organisms must be able to tolerate changing conditions with the tide)
o Nertic zone- extends from Intertidal zone to the continental shelf
o Bathyal zone- water slightly murky from accumulation of silt
o Abyssal zone- complete darkness, deep-sea vents, few organisms
o 40 times more biomass than the rest of the ocean
o Plankton- tiny free-floating organisms that live in the water
o Zooplankton- animal plankton
o Phytoplankton- photosynthetic plankton, including algae, carry out most photosynthesis on earth, create 70% of oxygen, base of organic food web
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1. The ocean can be divided into zones
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