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 Assesment Questions

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PostSubject: Assesment Questions   04/03/09, 10:20 pm

*Note- this lesson deviates from the actual section and focuses on the note Mrs. St. Clair gave in class. Therefore, some of the questions might not have answers found in the available text.

1. What are the characteristics of an estuary ecosystem?
2. What abiotic factors might affect a river ecosystem?
3. How is a lake different from the ocean? How is it the same?
4. How are costal wetlands different from and similar to estuaries?
5. If an oil spill wipes out most of the producers in an estuary, how might the food web in the surrounding area be affected?
6. CONNECTING CONCEPTS- Many fish species and other aquatic animals have colorations that closely resemble the rocks or silt found on the bottom of their aquatic habitat. What types of ecological advantages might such an adaptation give an aquatic species?
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Assesment Questions
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