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 2. Almost all producers obtain energy from sunlight

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PostSubject: 2. Almost all producers obtain energy from sunlight   03/03/09, 11:28 pm

o Photosynthesis is a two-step process
o Used by green plants, cyanobacteria, and some protists
o First Stage- Sun hits chloroplasts, is absorbed by chlorophyll. Converted into chemical energy.
o Second Stage- chemical energy changes carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, plants use carbohydrates for cellular respiration
o Chemosynthesis- the process by which an organism forms carbohydrates using chemicals, rather than light, as an energy source.
o Chemosynthesis was discovered in 1977 in deep-sea vents on the bottom of the ocean
o Chemosynthetic organisms are also found in sulfur-rich salt marsh flats and in hydrothermal pools
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2. Almost all producers obtain energy from sunlight
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